Does Best Western Take Apple Pay?

Does Best Western Take Apple Pay?

In today’s digital age, paying with your phone is becoming increasingly commonplace. Contactless payment methods like Apple Pay allow you to check out quickly and securely without pulling out your wallet. For hotels like Best Western, accepting mobile wallet platforms can provide a more seamless customer experience. But does Best Westerns take Apple Pay? As one of the largest hotel chains worldwide, with over 4,500 locations globally, Best Western aims to provide top-notch amenities for travelers. Determining if Best Western accepts innovative payment solutions like Apple Pay can give insight into how the company adapts to new technologies. This introduction explores whether Best Western has implemented cutting-edge mobile payment acceptance.

Key Highlights

Best Western accepts Apple Pay as a payment method at most locations. As one of the world’s largest hotel chains, Best Western aims to provide convenient amenities to its guests. By accepting contactless payments through Apple Pay, Best Western offers travelers an easy and secure way to pay without cash or cards. You can use Apple Pay through your iPhone or Apple Watch at Best Western hotels, resorts, and inns across the United States and Canada. However, it’s a good idea to call ahead to confirm if the specific Best Western property you’re visiting has Apple Pay enabled, as some franchised locations may still need to support it. But Apple Pay is generally a payment option at most Best Western hotels.

Key Highlights

Best Western’s Payment Options

Best Western hotels aim to provide guests with flexible, convenient, and secure payment options. As a recent press release outlined, Best Western offers various methods for customers to pay for rooms, services, dining, and more at their properties worldwide.

Paying Made Easy with Mobile Wallets

The press release announced that Best Western hotels now accept Apple Pay and Google Pay at the front desk, allowing guests to easily check-in using their mobile devices. Per the release, “We’re focused on providing our guests with an exceptional experience from the moment they walk through our doors. Accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay enables us to offer the convenience of contactless payments.”

With Apple Pay and Google Pay, Best Western guests can hold their iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android device over payment terminals to pay for their hotel stay securely. These mobile wallet options mean travelers don’t need to bring cash or physical cards.

Flexible Payment Processing

In addition to mobile pay, Best Western also accepts traditional payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. The press release emphasized that they accept most major debit and credit cards backed by secure payment processing.

Best Western has integrated options to store cards on file for future stays for added convenience. Guests can pay with Best Western gift cards purchased online or physical hotel gift certificates.


The press release highlighted that Best Western guests can tip hotel staff through their preferred payment method, including adding tips to their main bill. Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, cash tips, and more are accepted by staff.

Protecting Customers

Best Western stated that all payment channels are processed through secure gateways safeguarding customer data. They do not store full card numbers, using tokenized encryption technology for mobile pay users.

Seamless Billing

No matter how they pay, the press release emphasized that Best Western aims to provide travelers with clear, seamless billing for their hotel expenses. Customers have 24/7 access to their folio through the mobile app or online portal.

In summary, Best Western accepts a wide array of payment options, from mobile wallets to gift cards, focusing on secure, convenient billing for guests. Their flexible payment processing provides travelers with financial choice and protection.

Apple Pay for Hotels

As mobile payment technology advances, more hotels are adopting solutions like Apple Pay to enhance the guest booking experience. For both travelers and hoteliers, Apple Pay can provide faster, more secure transactions and additional revenue opportunities.

Apple Pay for Hotels

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile wallet that allows contactless payments using Apple devices. It works by assigning a unique Device Account Number to your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad, so your actual card details are never shared with merchants.

To use it, guests hold their unlocked Apple device near a payment terminal to checkout. Apple Pay is also accepted for many apps and websites.

Benefits of Apple Pay for Hotels

For hotels, integrating Apple Pay offers several key benefits:

  • Increased bookings – Offering Apple Pay can boost direct bookings by appealing to tech-savvy guests who prefer mobile pay.
  • Faster transactions – With Apple Pay, guests can tap to pay in seconds rather than entering cards manually. This speeds up checkout lines.
  • Enhanced security – Apple Pay utilizes tokenization, meaning hotels never see or store actual card numbers. This reduces the risks of fraud.
  • Higher revenue – Studies show that mobile wallet users spend more per transaction than other payment types.
  • Improved CX – Allowing mobile pay contributes to a seamless, tech-forward guest experience.

Benefits of Apple Pay for Travelers

For hotel guests, Apple Pay offers advantages like:

  • Convenience – Pay quickly with just your iPhone or Apple Watch instead of carrying physical cards.
  • Rewards tracking – Apple Pay works with existing rewards programs and credit cards. You still earn points on hotel stays.
  • Security – For privacy, your card details are never revealed during Apple Pay transactions.
  • Easy transactions – Checking in or out takes seconds by tapping your device without handing over your card.

Implementing Apple Pay

Hotels need compatible NFC terminals provided by payment partners like Vantiv or Worldpay to start accepting Apple Pay. Staff may need training to assist guests with mobile pay.

Hotels should prominently display Apple Pay marks at check-in desks, bars, restaurants, or anywhere payments are accepted. Listing Apple Pay on your website booking page is also recommended.

The Future is Contactless

As the popularity of mobile wallets grows, more hotels are expected to integrate Apple Pay and similar contactless payment options in the coming years. The technology provides clear benefits for both accommodations and travelers. By offering Apple Pay, hotels can cater to guest preferences for fast, secure, tech-enabled payments.

Best Western’s Apple Pay Policy

With mobile payments rising in popularity, many hotel guests are wondering whether chains like Best Western accept contactless options like Apple Pay. Recent research provides insight into Best Western’s current Apple Pay acceptance.

Best Western's Apple Pay Policy

Knoji Research on Best Western and Apple Pay

According to a Knoji study conducted on June 16, 2023, most Best Western hotels now accept Apple Pay based on findings from various sources.

The research indicated that Best Western has rolled out Apple Pay capabilities across the majority of its over 4,200 properties globally. Guests can use Apple Pay via iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple devices to pay for their hotel stay and amenities.

Wide Implementation, But Not Universal

While Apple Pay is enabled at most Best Western locations, Knoji noted it may still need to be supported at some individually operated franchises. The research emphasized that Best Western’s Apple Pay acceptance could vary depending on the specific hotel.

Before booking, guests should check the Apple Pay policy for their particular Best Western. Calling the front desk can confirm if Apple Pay is activated.

Future Expansion Expected

Though only sometimes adopted across every Best Western hotel today, Knoji predicted further expansion of Apple Pay in the future based on strong brand-wide support.

As of June 2023, it appears Best Western has focused on rapidly enabling Apple Pay capabilities across its core portfolio of hotels, with franchises soon to follow.

Ongoing Updates

Knoji observed that Best Western’s Apple Pay support has steadily increased over the past year and will likely continue improving.
For the newest details on Apple Pay acceptance, travelers should consult Best Western’s website or contact specific properties. Policies may be updated as more locations add mobile wallet functionality.

Best Western currently accepts Apple Pay at most but not all of its hotels, with the contactless payment method continuing to roll out chainwide. Guests can find out if their upcoming stay location supports Apple Pay by checking directly with Best Western.

Best Western Rewards and Apple Wallet Support

Best Western’s app allows easy access to their loyalty program, but some users want deeper Apple Wallet integration.

Best Western to Go App

The Best Western to Go app enables convenient features like:

  • Enrolling in Best Western Rewards
  • Viewing points balances
  • Booking hotels and redeeming points

Request for Apple Wallet

Recently, an app user posted a review asking Best Western to add Apple Wallet support. This would allow them to add their rewards membership card to Apple Wallet for use with Apple Pay.

Potential Benefits

Integrating Apple Wallet could streamline the connection between Best Western Rewards and Apple Pay. Members could seamlessly earn and redeem points while tapping to pay.

What’s Next?

While yet to be confirmed, the user request shows demand for Apple Wallet and Apple Pay capabilities. As mobile wallets accelerate, this integration could benefit Best Western’s app.

Enabling Apple Wallet APIs could create more frictionless experiences for iPhone users.

Apple Wallet Support for Hotel Keys

Apple recently enabled storing hotel room keys in its Wallet app, starting with Hyatt Hotels. This digital key functionality could spread to other chains like Best Western.

Apple Wallet Support for Hotel Keys

Apple Wallet Hotel Keys Debut

In 2022, Apple announced support for hotel keys in Apple Wallet, first launched with Hyatt. This allows guests to enter rooms by tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch instead of using traditional key cards.

Best Western Next?

Though not confirmed yet, experts predict Best Western could be among the next hotel chains to adopt Apple Wallet for mobile keys. This would enable queue-free, contactless check-in.

Future Apple Pay Integration

If Best Western adds Apple Wallet credentials, it could also pave the way for deeper Apple Pay integration. Stored payment information may enable seamless booking, exclusive offers, and frictionless checkout.

As hotel mobile key usage grows, Best Western has an opportunity to deliver convenience, including expanded Apple Pay capabilities in the future.


Is Apple Pay better than using Android Pay or Samsung Pay?

Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay all provide the security and convenience of contactless mobile payments. Apple Pay may have wider acceptance among merchants than the Android options. However, Android users may find Samsung/Android Pay integrates better with non-Apple devices. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences and ecosystem.

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Summing Up

In closing, using Apple Pay at Best Western hotels provides several benefits for travelers. The contactless payment method is quick, secure, and convenient – allowing guests to skip lengthy checkouts. By adopting new technology like mobile wallets, Best Western elevates the customer experience and keeps pace with digital trends. While Apple Pay may be supported at some franchised locations, Best Western’s widespread acceptance of it across thousands of properties in the US and Canada is impressive. For tech-savvy travelers who prefer paying with their iPhone or Apple Watch, using Apple Pay at most Best Western hotels adds value and satisfaction. In summary, Best Western’s implementation of Apple Pay offers its customers seamless, innovative payment solutions.

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